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Unlock the potential
of your lab, with AI
Trusted Outcomes.
Faster Care.
Better World.
We put the pathologist in the cloud.
Digitisation. Accuracy. Simplicity.
Making accessibility, a reality.
Enabling Digital
microscopy with
• Class leading 4k camera
• Fits onto any microscope
• Competitively priced
• Recommended by leading laboratories
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Unlock the power of precision medicine with our cutting
edge AI technology. Streamlining analysis with results
you can trust in
with more in development.
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Unlock the power of precision medicine with our
cutting edge AI technology.

As you scroll through a slide, our AI captures
images, identifies the white blood cells and
classifies them.

Accurately. Consistently. Automatically.
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Embrace the future of fertility
Our ground-breaking technology uses AI to assess DNA
fragmentation. A world-first that guides you in selecting
the best sperm for assisted reproduction.

Chemical-free. Non-destructive. Affordable. Fast.
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Go beyond dictation
A medical scribe that actually
works -
Direct to report. Proven results.
95% reduction in turnaround time.
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Next generation LIMS
designed for the
The only LIMS built with AI in mind
Revolutionize lab data management with our AI-powered LIMS. Effortlessly manage patient and lab data with our integrated and user-friendly solution.
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